Friday, October 10, 2008

“…Miles and Miles…” by Zhonray (Easy Listening Artist from United Kingdom)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Zhonray with a GrIndie Award for their CD "…Miles and Miles…"
"…Miles and Miles…" is an excellent easy listening album with elements of pop, country, and rock by Zhonray. Here, Zhonray brings an adult contemporary concept album and incorporates a wide range of instruments throughout to bring you an original and unique sound. The idea of freedom from the material world is ever present in the lyrics and the compositions are superb. The overall sound is very aurally pleasing, as Zhonray incorporates wind chimes, sitar, and slide guitar all into the same album and, in turn, achieves musical diversity. His vocals have a very distinct quality to them, but on a song like "Just a Chance," with the right accompaniment and inflection, the vocal performance is similar to Belle & Sebastian. The recording quality of "…Miles and Miles…" is good and ready to hit the radio airwaves – in fact, the track "Mile and Mile3" was recorded for that very purpose. "Summer Rain" has a world pop feel with the incorporation of the sitar, effective lyrics, and a nice arrangement. "In Nobody's Way" is a heartbreakingly poetic and lyrically slow rock song about letting someone go. With "…Miles and Miles…," Zhonray has created an idealistic album filled with diverse adult contemporary arrangements and strong lyrics. Fans of consequential easy listening will drift away for "…Miles and Miles…" with this impressive CD by Zhonray.
-Chris and the Reviewer Team
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