Saturday, September 1, 2012

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A salute to every reformed soul out there!

After two great gigs I must say that I am satisfied with the way things are working out. The direction is set, the air is cleansed and it is only to start walking. The first gig, since I last wrote to you, on August 4 at the Backstage Festival went very well. When we played at Boo Folkets Hus on February 20, with Janne Kullhammar substituting for Anders and Bill Öhrström helping out on percussion, Peter and I really discovered how much we liked playing with Thomas Berglund who then were substituting for our two keyboardists who could not participate on that occasion. This time, on August 4, Thomas had accepted a place as a steady member of the group and he and Peter made a hell of a good job filling out for the two keyboardists that were absent on this occasion also. It was a very progressive version of Reform that performed. High energy! A lot of sound experimenting. For this concert we had also rehearsed a new number composed by Peter, The Earth Will Swallow You. A really nice composition with obvious influences from the Swedish seventies. Enjoy it here:
I have also finished editing Align from the same concert:
Otherwise it was a very nice arrangement with many really good bands.

On August 25 it was time to play at Junikullen in Midsommarkransen. We had some good rehearsing and actually managed to rehearse another new song, Stars in My Pocket, composed by Magnus. At this concert Hampus Halling, the drummer from Driving Cassady, substituted for Anders. He did a very good job! Both Magnus and Mattias played keyboards and Peter was the soul guitar player. It became a very psychedelic set. Everybody felt very into it.

Here is Stars in My Pocket:
On August 11 2012 I once again had the pleasure to play with Wasa Express at Uppsala Progrock Festival. It went great. Here follows a song from the festival. It is a tune called Ett Brev and it is from Their latest album OS 2032:
Driving Cassady, another group that I play with that I told you about when I last wrote, has released its first album On The Ties. Liste to it on Spotify:

Take Care and live well! Jesper