Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hopefully a new member!

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Dear reformed friends!

It seems as if Thomas Berglund has decided to join us on our quest! Thomas is a great guitar player and also a great person who has played with us from time to time during the last years. He is also the guitarist in Wasa Express. It will be very interesting to see him collaborate with us. Janne Kullhammar, Thomas and I have a trio called BKB Trio. We made an album last year. You can listen to it here.

When we played Amsterdam Café on the 23rd of April Thomas join us. The concert went well and I am actually proud over how flexible the group is. We had to play on a very low volume since the place has problems with complaining neighbors. I think we made a great appearance considering the circumstances. I have so far edited two videos, Uncle Urri II and The Faithful.