Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Songs for Salaam/Shalom" by Bamjimba (World Artist from England)

The most recent release by the talented artist Bamjimba is "Songs for Salaam/Shalom." This album is a single release, of sorts, as it contains 3 different versions of the same song, "Allulam Hadash." This release is one for charity and aimed at giving young Jewish and Muslim listeners music they can both enjoy and dance to. "Allulam Hadash (feat. Michal Nahman)" is a more relaxed version of the song with very enlivened drum lines. "Allulam Hadash (slamdogz Remix)" is a more brooding, spacey, and psychedelic version of the song and contains hallucinatory choir like vocals cascading over the stirring percussion. "Allulam Hadash (special Dj Aka Ak Re-mix)" is still spacey, but with a definite danceable feel to it and has more emphasis on the instrumentation as opposed to the vocals. This release is perfect for those who appreciate music that tries to meld the worlds of Jewish and Muslim listeners. And because the proceeds go to a worthy cause, you can feel good as you dance to Bamjimba's "Songs for Salaam/Shalom."

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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