Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"The Demolished Man" by Amptek and the Exit Strategy (Electronic Artist from Italy)

"The Demolished Man" is the latest release from the talented group Amptek and the Exit Strategy. In this album electronic artist Amptek collaborates with the instrumental ensemble known as the Exit Strategy to create an album filled with a variety of electronic songs that employs a mixture of genres and moods. The track, "Cause and Effect," is a slow moving, thought provoking song in which a crisp and clean piano interacts with the smooth and flowing drums providing a melody that is delicate and moody. "Technology of Power" is a song that is fresh and invigorating as there are edgy guitar hooks and riffs, funky bass lines, and a hue of energy bringing this song together. "Overbearing Future" is a distinctive number that uses a more danceable and distinguished beat, yet is quasi trance-like with moving sounds throughout the song. This album is for people who appreciate introspective electronic music which displays a dynamic balance of multi layered sounds and textures. If this brand of experimental electronic mood music sounds likes something you could appreciate, then you need to add "The Demolished Man" by Amptek and the Exit Strategy to your music collection.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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