Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Firefly" by Indus (World Artist from the United Kingdom)

"Recorded live in studio, Indus' debut CD "Firefly" is an exhilarating mix of Eastern melodies and instrumentation performed with a jazz ensemble-like flair for spontaneity, improvisation and - not least, playfulness. Incorporating sitar, santoor (a 100-stringed instrument played with wooden mallets), Western flute and tabla, the 4-piece band stretches the boundaries of their Hindustani-inspired music in a musical exploration that's both rich in tradition as well as brilliantly modern. On CD-opener, "Mind the Gap," Indus' playfulness is in full evidence; a rhythmically complex piece that challenges each musician to stay true to the beat, it is an 11-minute workout of pure inspiration. "A Night at the Court" utilizes improvisational scat-like singing (called "bols," the language of tabla) over a regal melody reminiscent of classical Persian extemporization. In fact, the album's opus, "Esfahan," draws the neighboring cultures of India, Pakistan and Iran into sharp relief over the course of a wildly provocative 19-minute jam that gives each player more than ample space to improvise and experiment with melody, rhythm, tone and harmony. Equally challenging and rewarding, the evocative "Firefly" CD by Indus is perfect for fans of Indian music, or for listeners of similarly modern World Music visionaries (e.g., John McLaughlin's Shakti or Anouar Brahem).

-Trent C. and the Reviewer Team
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