Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Blaze Away" by Brokenworks (Rock Artist from Oregon(OR))

The most recent album from Brokenworks goes by the name of "Blaze Away." It is an album recorded, to be very vague, in a "Rock" style mentality but that doesn't say much as the songs of the album fall everywhere on the Rock genre spectrum. What unites the music of the album is that is it created as a tuneful affirmation of God's love. "Count It All Joy" is a boisterous and fun Rock song that celebrates the feelings of joy one can feel within their life. "Long Live the King" is a slow moving Rock ballad, with a focus on the piano that is in reverence to the creator of us all. "Sanctuary" is a song that decides to simplify things and focus on the harmony between male and female vocals, with a beautifully played acoustic guitar in the background. This album is perfect for those who enjoy a band who attempts to show many sides of Rock music within one album, as well as those who appreciate Contemporary music that is in celebration of the divine.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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