Saturday, December 19, 2009

"As It Should Be" by A Beautiful Curse (Electronic Artist from Texas(TX))

A Beautiful Curse's latest album is "As It Should Be." This album, for the most part, contains lower tempo Electronic music; which at times is quite psychedelic and is aimed at almost being "positive dream music" for the listener. The opener, "On the Other Side," starts off with beautiful female vocals over an almost gritty and menacing background rumble before a trip-hop like beat comes in to take over the song. "A Mind of Its Own" is a more fantasy-like song in which a steady beat is held down with ambient sounds and vocals fading in and out from all directions. The song, "This Is My House," is an all out Electronica track with a dancing and pulsating beat that will make you want to stand up and groove. This album is an amalgam of contemporary psychedelic styles which all come from a place of positive inspiration. If you appreciate slightly hallucinatory electronic sounds, or like any type of dream-like music, then you might agree this album is exactly "As It Should Be."

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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