Sunday, December 27, 2009

"You're All Wrong-EP" by HolliePollock (Classic Rock Artist from Salem, Oregon(OR))

"You're All Wrong-EP" by HolliePollock has a cool alternative sound to it while also having the Classic Rock feel of Zepplin to it as well. The vocals are just as gritty as the instrumentation and lyrics which gives this album an abundance of intensity. The title track, "You're All Wrong" with its dynamic drums and talented bass emulates both lyrically and musically an expression of loneliness that's identifiable with everyone. "13th Sun" is another talent-dense track on the EP with strong and solid guitar work that embellishes the lyrical vocal. The music is on the forefront while the vocals linger behind in an almost spooky, but interesting way. This CD contains 5 tracks of intense Classic Rock music spanning this bands performance of outstanding musical capability. If any kind of Rock music is your preference, then this EP is definitely well worth hearing.

-Trent C. and the Reviewer Team
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"Firefly" by Indus (World Artist from the United Kingdom)

"Recorded live in studio, Indus' debut CD "Firefly" is an exhilarating mix of Eastern melodies and instrumentation performed with a jazz ensemble-like flair for spontaneity, improvisation and - not least, playfulness. Incorporating sitar, santoor (a 100-stringed instrument played with wooden mallets), Western flute and tabla, the 4-piece band stretches the boundaries of their Hindustani-inspired music in a musical exploration that's both rich in tradition as well as brilliantly modern. On CD-opener, "Mind the Gap," Indus' playfulness is in full evidence; a rhythmically complex piece that challenges each musician to stay true to the beat, it is an 11-minute workout of pure inspiration. "A Night at the Court" utilizes improvisational scat-like singing (called "bols," the language of tabla) over a regal melody reminiscent of classical Persian extemporization. In fact, the album's opus, "Esfahan," draws the neighboring cultures of India, Pakistan and Iran into sharp relief over the course of a wildly provocative 19-minute jam that gives each player more than ample space to improvise and experiment with melody, rhythm, tone and harmony. Equally challenging and rewarding, the evocative "Firefly" CD by Indus is perfect for fans of Indian music, or for listeners of similarly modern World Music visionaries (e.g., John McLaughlin's Shakti or Anouar Brahem).

-Trent C. and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

"I am no loger of this world" by Don Krim (Classical Artist from The United States)

Don Krim's classical operatic album is titled "I am no longer of this world." This is the countertenor's debut album, featuring Suzanne Bradbury on the piano, in which he sings Gustav Mahler's "Ruckert Lieder" and Peter Lieberson's "Rilke Songs." Krim's voice is breathtaking and while it may remind one of a mature choir-boy or a mezzo-soprano, it actually is neither and superior at the same time. "Atmen, du unsichtbares, Gedicht!" is a song in which we can hear how his voice can lie in such a high register, yet also resonate deeply, in this song that embodies both dark and bright themes simultaneously. In "Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen" one can really hear the beauty within Suzanna Bradbury's finesse upon the piano and it interplays with Don's soaring voice. This is an album that any fan of classical vocal composition would enjoy. If you already enjoy the likes of Lorraine Hunt Lieberson then "I am no longer of this world" is an album you will want to hear immediately.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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"As It Should Be" by A Beautiful Curse (Electronic Artist from Texas(TX))

A Beautiful Curse's latest album is "As It Should Be." This album, for the most part, contains lower tempo Electronic music; which at times is quite psychedelic and is aimed at almost being "positive dream music" for the listener. The opener, "On the Other Side," starts off with beautiful female vocals over an almost gritty and menacing background rumble before a trip-hop like beat comes in to take over the song. "A Mind of Its Own" is a more fantasy-like song in which a steady beat is held down with ambient sounds and vocals fading in and out from all directions. The song, "This Is My House," is an all out Electronica track with a dancing and pulsating beat that will make you want to stand up and groove. This album is an amalgam of contemporary psychedelic styles which all come from a place of positive inspiration. If you appreciate slightly hallucinatory electronic sounds, or like any type of dream-like music, then you might agree this album is exactly "As It Should Be."

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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"When She's Around" by The Dave Rawlinson Band (Country Artist from Seattle, Washington(WA))

The Dave Rawlinson Band put together a relaxed, classic Country album with "When She's Around." Rawlinson's vocals are spot on and definitely hit that country twang without sounding trite. Like Johnny Cash before him, there are fast-paced Country duets with Alexandra Rawlinson. The song, "Big John," sounds like music from an old western soundtrack, accented with haunting whistles. "I Try to Think About Elvis" is an especially powerful track, with electric guitar and both vocalists putting in a strong performance with exceptional harmonies. "When She's Around" is a solid Country album that can easily hold it's own against any mainstream Country performers today.

-Matt M. and the Reviewer Team
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Blaze Away" by Brokenworks (Rock Artist from Oregon(OR))

The most recent album from Brokenworks goes by the name of "Blaze Away." It is an album recorded, to be very vague, in a "Rock" style mentality but that doesn't say much as the songs of the album fall everywhere on the Rock genre spectrum. What unites the music of the album is that is it created as a tuneful affirmation of God's love. "Count It All Joy" is a boisterous and fun Rock song that celebrates the feelings of joy one can feel within their life. "Long Live the King" is a slow moving Rock ballad, with a focus on the piano that is in reverence to the creator of us all. "Sanctuary" is a song that decides to simplify things and focus on the harmony between male and female vocals, with a beautifully played acoustic guitar in the background. This album is perfect for those who enjoy a band who attempts to show many sides of Rock music within one album, as well as those who appreciate Contemporary music that is in celebration of the divine.

-Sean B. and the Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Obama my President Vision of Change" by Kiss Royale (Rap Artist from the United Kingdom)

"Obama my President Vision of Change" is more than just an homage to our first African-American president, but a catchy album as well. Some tracks feel like classic hip-hop, some are straight out of the club, but all contain well-crafted lyrics. Songs like "Showdown" will get you up and moving. Others like "J-doub Show" focus on what needs to be said. Kiss Royale's CD shouldn't collect dust with your Obama collector plates and memorabilia. "Obama My President Vision of Change" belongs in your CD player.

-Matt M. and the Reviewer Team
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