Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Gucci Girl Fly" by Aisha (Hip Hop/Rap Artist from New Orleans, Louisiana (LA))

"Gucci Girl Fly" is the debut album from the New Orleans-born rap artist Aisha. This album is a complete package as far as image and content go. Aisha doesn't hold back in any way, and her powerful esteem seeps through her work without question. The lyrics are truthful and uninhibited, and the uncompromising southern rap sound compliments her style very well. The arrangements are skillfully crafted and have a powerful effect. The album is well put together, well-performed, and well-produced. One of the album highlights is the opener, "Pussy On Ya Grill." It kicks things off with a bang with its risqué lyrics and catchy beat. It definitely peaks listeners' interest as to what is ahead. The title track "Gucci Girl Fly" features some tricky sequences and a definite hook, and Aisha throws some of her best vocal and lyrical work into the track. "I Want Your Money" has a rough, distorted beat and is forthcoming to say the least. Listeners that like female rap artists with a dirty sound and even dirtier content will want to check out Aisha's "Gucci Girl Fly."
-William and the Reviewer Team
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"Feel So Good" by Sean Ensign (Electronica/Pop Artist from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (FL))

"Feel So Good" is the latest single brought by electro-pop artist Sean Ensign. The song is definitely hot and Sean has gone to the effort of bringing thirteen different mixes of it. The track works on many levels. The original mix is universal and could work on the runway or in the club. "Feel So Good [Shanghai-Surprise] Club Mix" features a bubbly bass line and is rave and club worthy. "Feel So Good [Jack D Elliot] Club Mix" kicks up the tempo a bit and makes for an intense grooving experience. All of the tracks are fantastically produced and mixed. It is definitely ready to be played in public and on the air. There is a definite distinction, uniqueness, and identity present in each mix, so be sure to take a listen to each one. Sean is no stranger to the charts and proves his worth with his latest release. If you enjoy dance music in general and want to gain full perspective on the many nuances and takes on this great single, you should pick up Sean Ensign's "Feel So Good."
-William and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, December 22, 2008


By Erle Montaigue. Industry Professional 40 years.
Aisha has real talent, she is a real musician, plays many instruments well, has a beautiful voice, IS beautiful and writes the most melodic and lyrically heart-felt songs on the planet. to hear Aisha. The music business took a steep dive sometime in the late 80's and hasn't recovered. The problem is that most listeners and fans have been "dulled" by the music mogules into accepting something less than great. Young bands nowadays literally pick up a a guitar, learn a few chords and become famous! They also disappear jsut as quickly. Like heating up a thin piece of wire, it heats up very quickly but loses its heat just as quickly, whereas a thicker piece of wire takes longer to heat up, but keeps its heat longer.
Aisha, is a real musician and has learnt her trade well. She plays guitar, piano, violin, bass, drums, lead guitar and percussion. She writes like she is 30 (she is only 17!) and her words are meaningful. She is a conservationist with some of her songs reflecting this. Please give her your support on

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Apollonia" by Johnny Fang and Chris Ahern (Folk Artist from Ireland)

Johnny Fang and Chris Ahern have released their first album together, "Apollonia," featuring the musical styles of acoustic contemporary folk and rock. This album is a collection of ideal mood music embedded with soothing and refined acoustic guitars. Infused with soft rock vocals, "Slowly" is steeped with smooth supporting harmonies and rhythmic percussion. Multi-layered harmonies highlight the chemistry between vocalists and are complimented with lively supporting instruments. Bouncy and displaying a top tapping beat is "Horace's Travels," which demonstrates the delectable sounds of the acoustic guitars and the versatility that this group has to offer. The production of this album captures the relaxing melodic vocals while maintaining the ambiance of the cohesive selection of well-written songs. "Apollonia" is well worth listening to, and fans of folk/rock will definitely enjoy this album.
-Diane And the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Check Out This Talented Jazz Artist

View Jimmi Roger Pedersen Image



Band Name: Jimmi Roger Pedersen
Band Location: Denmark
Sounds Like: Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen
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Check Out This Talented Hard Rock Artist

View Five Foot Frog Image



Band Name: Five Foot Frog
Band Location: England London
Sounds Like: Sabbath
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Check Out This Talented Rock Artist

View wild turkey Image



Band Name: wild turkey
Band Location: Europe Other
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Friday, December 12, 2008

"Eclectic Guitar" by The 99th Floor (Pop Artist from Norway)

RadioIndy is pleased to present The 99th Floor with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Eclectic Guitar"

"Eclectic Guitar" is a versatile alternative rock album from Norwegian band The 99th Floor. The 99th Floor seems to span the '90s alternative sound with this album, but their inventiveness, group vocals, and catchy choruses make the album fresh and enjoyable. The 99th Floor take from many of the '90s genres – punk, pop, and contemporary alternative – and combine it with a variety of musical influences, including The Kinks, Violent Femmes, and Hüsker Dü to create a sound all their own. "Eclectic Guitar" is well-recorded, from incredible bass lines to quiet xylophones to dual vocals, and leaves little to be desired. "Headspin" is a quicker, punk-influenced song with an impressive bass line and a pleasant group vocal on the chorus. "Big Boys" has a strong '90s alternative sound. "Graceful Fall From Grace" closes things out with a slower alt-country sound, more group vocals, and nice use of harmonica and country guitar rhythms. With "Eclectic Guitar," The 99th Floor draws from a variety of influences and shows their versatility in incorporating them into each track. Fans of '90s alternative and many of its sub-genres, give The 99th Floor a try.-Lea and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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"Edge of the World" by Jay Stapley (Rock Artist from United Kingdom)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Jay Stapley with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Edge of the World"

"Edge of the World" by Jay Stapley is an intelligent guitar driven, adult rock album brought to you by a talented veteran musician. Jay's style can best be described as Clapton meets Pink Floyd. His musicianship is superior and his lyrics are very true to life. The arrangements are full, well layered and the songs are radio-ready as far as quality is concerned. Bottom line is that there is a lot of talent present on this album and it translates into memorable songs. It's also nice to hear a "classic" sound perfected in the digital age. Highlights include the title track "Edge of the World," which opens the album and draws you right in with a haunting guitar riff and intimate lyrics. "I am a Child Again" features some cool guitar harmonics and delays along with poetic lyrics. "Deep Blue Sea" certainly has an oceanic feel to it and features some nice piano work. If you enjoy guitar-driven adult rock music, you'll enjoy this excellent CD.-William and the Reviewer Team
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"Stepping Up" by Peter Paul Parker (Rock Artist from United Kingdom)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Peter Paul Parker with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Stepping Up"

"Stepping Up" by Peter Paul Parker is an alternative rock album with acoustic roots. Peter has a sound all his own and his lyrics speak of life and "Turning the Page." There is a great deal of passion in the performances on the CD, with driving verses and powerful, well harmonized choruses. The musicianship is superior and is certainly what you would expect from an industry professional. The production quality is very good and the arrangements stay true to the sound while having a pop sensibility. Highlights include " I Believe," which features meaningful lyrics and a fluid, rocking chorus. "Sad But True" features a beautiful melody and memorable chorus. "Things Ain't So Bad" has a banging beat and nice poppy accents. If you enjoy adult pop/rock with meaningful lyrics, you'll enjoy this CD.-William and the Reviewer Team
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"Tales of Pariah" by Delario (Hip-Hop Artist from Norway)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Delario with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Tales of Pariah"

"Tales of Pariah" is an outstanding hip-hop electronica album brought to you by Norwegian artist Delario. The range of subject matter on this album is wide, as Delario raps about everything from the quirky and humorous to the dark and mysterious. The arrangements are innovative and creative harnessing a very modern sound with a few classic tricks mixed in. The beat throughout the CD will have your body moving. As an Emcee, Delario hits it. His delivery flows and his voice is commanding. The songs are all well produced and ready to hit the club. Highlights include "My Shrine" with its nice layering of a solid vocal performance and rolling, thumping beat. "Devil's Blessings" brings intensity and a serious subject matter to the table. There is some nice ambience in this one too. "Friday Night" funks it up with a killer bass line and fun lyrics. If you enjoy finding excellent up-and-coming hip-hop artists, or enjoy big-name artists such as Eminem, you'll enjoy this excellent CD. (WARNING - EXPLICIT LYRICS)-William and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"The Tiger and Me" by The Tiger and Me (Folk/Country Artist from Australia)

This folk/country acoustic duo "The Tiger and Me" has compiled a creative album while utilizing simplistic instruments with this self-titled CD. The vocals are sung with pure and simple qualities with velvety harmonies bringing together the collection of songs on the album. "Alleyway" is bluesy, with a slow, easy moving drum beat. As a variation in instruments, take note how the electric piano changes to acoustic piano throughout this song. As a change of tempo "Forsaken Few" has a nice country swing while the lyrics tells an interesting story. Split lead vocals on the verses showcase how these impressive lyrics are interpreted. A round effect is heard when a vocal drum beat starts. A chanting, low, walking bass line begins the cut "The Elephant." It is a well produced track as each part can be heard separately while fusing together with syncopated harmonies and rhythms. If you like a little folk music entwined with a little country beat you will not be disappointed when you hear the album "The Tiger and Me."
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Christmas Is Easy When Love's Around" by Tey (Easy Listening Artist from Illinois (IL))

"Christmas Is Easy When Love's Around" by Tey is a refreshing adaptation of traditional holiday songs. Tey has taken these holiday songs to a new level by adding her own vocal style with influences of easy listening pop/rock. The vocals are clean and crisp, yet emotional and soulful with great consistency throughout the entire album. A great example of this soulful and edgy vocal spirit can be heard on "Jingle Bell Rock". Additionally the track showcases the diversity of rock style musicians playing with steady drum beats and biting guitar licks. In another selection of nice vocal composition, Tey displays moving expression on the lyrics of "Happy Christmas" as some words can be heard as a whisper giving this song a touching quality. The jazzy musical arrangement heard on "I'll Be Home For Christmas" gives the song a energizing tempo to compliment vocals sung with great eloquence. If you're looking to hear holiday songs with a fresh vocal flair and catchy musical arrangements, you'll want to listen to "Christmas Is Easy When Love's Around" by Tey.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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"Coolgilly and the Freakshow" by Centascope (Rock Artist from England)

"Coolgilly and the Freakshow" is a revolutionary CD by Centascope that is comprised of psychedelic, punk and British pop styles. By taking three generations of music and compiling them into one exceptional album each song produces a different quality. The titled track "Coolgilly and the Freakshow" features a dynamic, loud, driving punk beat with aggressive lead guitar. The vocals are nicely sung with ease and style with hints of complimentary harmony. The ability of the vocals to change from one chapter of music to another is a high point throughout the album creates a clear and innovative approach to this collection of genres. A good example of this versatility is on "Carter Takes a Train" as this is more of the mind transformation persuasion of the 1970's psychedelic time. "The Girl on the Left" and "Empty Head" are rhythmic and energetic with cool, bluesy Hammond organ riffs. This is truly a wonderful album as you can hear tempo's slow and easy or fast and powerful with styles of music from three time periods. If you like music by The Who with a taste of punk, you'll won't be disappointed with "Coolgilly and the Freakshow."
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, December 8, 2008

"Sometime" by Matthew Hill (Rock Artist from United Kingdom)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Matthew Hill with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Sometime"

"Sometime" by Matthew Hill is a memorable alternative rock album with an urban undertone. There is a noticeable punk-pop influence in the sound. Moreover, the songs are very catchy, flaunt an appealing rebellious intensity, and are generally positive. Matthew's voice is very distinct and has a passionate tremble to it, which nicely compliments his soulful lyrics. Musically, this CD also stands out with arrangements that are quirky and air-tight. The opener, "Love on My Side," has a great hook, unique vocal delivery, and is just plain catchy. "Dear Me" starts off vengefully, with a hot guitar riff and punchy vocals. There are some nice vocal harmonies in the chorus as well. The title-track settles things down a bit with a few chords on the guitar, a simple beat, and a heart-felt vocal performance. If you like Adam Ant and The Beatles, you'll like this one. by- William & The RadioIndy Team & The RadioIndy Team
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"Sit Back And Smile" by Martin Nelson (Folk Artist from United Kingdom)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Martin Nelson with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Sit Back And Smile"

"Sit Back And Smile" by Martin Nelson is a uniquely impressive folk/acoustic album. Martin's passionate vocals and expressive lyrics make singing along a natural reaction. Moreover, the acoustic guitar work on this CD is nothing short of phenomenal. "A Little After 1'o'clock" demonstrates Martin's transcendental guitar work, bringing the listener to a place of inner peace and reflection. "Lost Emotions" is another unforgettable instrumental track, flaunting an acoustic arrangement that induces a very thick emotional atmosphere. Furthermore, the heart-melting ballad "Not Asking Much" shows off Martin's lyrical sincerity and skill. With production that is radio-ready, this album is destined to make its mark among fans of meaningful, heartfelt acoustic tunes. Lea & The RadioIndy Team and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team
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"World of Difference" by Sam Pollard (Rock/Pop Artist from Australia)

Sam Pollard's recently released CD "World of Difference" is a poetic storytelling of songs inspired by making a difference in the world. Pollard's vocals are rhythmical and have a fashionable flair of alternative pop/rock. His lyrics are narrative and bouncy and he delivers a message within each song as a chronicle of events. The album is masterfully produced as each song is clean and clear with instruments connecting well with the vocals. Listen to a touch of horns on "The Other Side" as they add a distinctive flavor to this song while the lyrics speak of how things may be different somewhere else. "Out" highlights a beautiful piano solo adding eloquent diversity to the quality of musical styles throughout the CD. The guitars are edgy and hammer out strong rock power chords with a steady driving beat. You will find "World of Difference" quite enjoyable if you like polished alternative rock with a strong message.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, December 1, 2008

“This Train Still Runs" by Marcus Dagan (Easy Listening/Pop Artist from Baltimore, Maryland (MD))

"This Train Still Runs" is an easy listening/contemporary album filled with some popular standards by Marcus Dagan. Dagan's vocal qualities are deep and rich, and emit strong yet emotional tonality. Remarkable musicians accompany lead vocals in a sophisticated, clean, and crisp style. Unwind to the lyrics of each song as you remember the good old days and the good days that are still to come. A nice, relaxing jazz feel with a bluesy muted horn is exceptional on the song "Booze Is Just An Excuse." Featured in the title track "It Was A Very Good Year/This Train Still Runs" is a great classical piano favorite that introduces this popular standard and a marvelous orchestration through the string section. "This Train Still Runs" is a superb album and well worth listening to, especially for fans of Neil Diamond and Harry Chapin.
-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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